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On this page, God is on Trial!

You will have the links to view a YouTube channel on which my friend, Marvin Wilson and I, discuss and debate many questions about the nature of God, and the validity of the Bible. Please log on, view and listen, and join in on the debate … leave us your comments and voice your opinions!

God is on TriaL, AND YOU are the Judge and the Jury!

God’s on Trial S1.E1 – the Pilot Show and Mission Statement.

God is on Trial S1.E2 – Free Will, Really?

God is on Trial S1.E3 – The Devil’s Christianity?

God is on Trial S1.E4 – Sex, Shame, and Devolution?

God is on Trial S1.E5 – Good God’s Graciousness?

God is on Trial S1.E6 – Good vs Evil

God is on Trial S1.E7 – Hellfire, Prayer, and God’s “Chosen People”?

God’s on Trial S1.E8 – Why worship. is God jealous and why, and can The New Testament be trusted?

God’s on Trial S1.E9 – Alien DNA Splicing, Dinosaurs, and The Law of Attraction!