Here you can read testimonials from real people who have received real inspiration and a deeper understanding of the Bible’s teachings, from Billy’s teachings.

Sandra Savageau, from Benson, North Carolina, said-

 I would like to thank Billy Lonas for the hours he has spent teaching me eye-opening revalations about what God has revealed to him about the scriptures. I was seeking answers for things I didn’t understand, and God placed Billy in my path. I thank God for the revealing knowledge Billy has shared with me.

Arlene F Desrosier, from Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada, said-

“If you’ve read Billy’s blog or if you haven’t, I highly recommend you do. He doesn’t preach, he never says, ‘This is how you should think’. He speaks from his own experience and what he’s learned from the Bible. Billy has questioned the Bible until he understood and found the answers. He has done this in great depth. He found God’s Love in his own way. I, for one, could never understand the Bible, it was too complicated. I have prayed, but with Billy’s blog and communicating with him, I understand so much more. The Bible and God have become one. I am more at peace inside and I’ve realized I’m never alone and I’m loved and protected.”

Chad Edge, from Greenville, North Carolina, said-

“Hey Billy! I just wanted to say that your view on the Bible has opened my eyes wide open. Since I was I kid I never got a real understanding of what the Bible meant, but bear with me. I was reading parts of the Bible in what seemed like random picks of what the pastors wanted to say, because it meant something to them or it was a holiday, so it fit into the service. None of it ever stuck with me, though. I needed to understand what it all meant … not be read to like a child. So I realized church wasn’t for me. It didn’t help me understand what the Bible meant. They never explained how each quote or section came to be. Yes, I know that God is real, and yes, I know that the Bible is the story of it all, but when it came to understanding the ultimate truth of what the Bible had to offer, you helped me to find the simplest answer.

“I hadn’t been able to sit down and hear the story in its uncut natural meaning until I talked with you. When you asked me about a simple verse from the Bible I thought for sure through context I knew the answer … boy was I wrong. You took my answer and turned it inside out. Not only was I awestruck from being wrong, but I was blown away that the whole idea behind its meaning was scattered throughout the Bible. Various things, working in sinc throughout several verses, all led to one simple thing you told me. ‘We all have a choice through God’s grace, and that is Selfish and Unselfish love.’

This foundation is the entirety of the Bible in its purest form. We were put on this earth to be people of free will and, with that, free will came with two choices. To make Unselfish choices, giving to others in need, and help make a foundation of a GOOD embodiment through grace, or make Selfish choices and destroy yourself spiritually and others that may come close, creating a foundation of an EVIL embodiment through grace. We all have to answer for everything we have done, good and bad, but, in the end, what choices you make with a good heart will take you farther than anything this world has to offer. I have and always will make the Unselfish choice and I hope others do too. I know we as a human race aren’t perfect, but in choice we can hope to be better in all things. Thanks for breaking it down for me. I know we discussed so much more, but that one simple truth stuck with me and always will. I appreciate you! Thanks for your time.”

Hannah Lassiter, Founder of MentorshipRevolution, from Hickory, North Carolina, said-

“Billy and I spoke for the first time last year in 2019. I had just started my own podcast, and he would be my first collaborative guest. As a young Christian college student, it was enjoyable hearing an elder provide simple philosophy on biblical understanding, issues, and the end times. His perspectives were different at the time because he believed that ‘church’ was not required to be a Christian. Something one said that can press any real Christian’s buttons. Overall, I believe Billy believes in the power of the word and he is passionate about sharing that with the rest of the world.”